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Sign up as active member for the Finnish Breaking Association for 2020

The year 2020 has started nicely for the Finnish Breaking Association (SBL). In 2019 some of the highlights included:

  • Organizing a brainstorming session in March about the direction of breaking in Finland and targets & ways to support reaching the targets. A historically high number of dancers participated! 🙂
  • Creating an action plan regarding the targets – the plan was also used in the funding application for the Ministry of Education and Culture (still waiting for the results…)
  • Voting of new board members and deputy members for 2019-2021. They are:
    • Ramona Panula (deputy member Tatu Leinonen)
    • Hiski Hämäläinen (deputy member Jyri Poikonen)
    • Ilari Niskanen (deputy member Elias Niskanen)
    • Aino Lisma (deputy member Harri Mäkinen)
    • Simeoni Juoperi (deputy member Aleksi Kyllönen)
  • Organizing Finnish Breaking Championships “Break SM 2019” in December
  • Purchasing a boombox for practice sessions at Töölön Kisahalli in Helsinki

Now is the time to gather active members for 2020. The same process was carried out successfully last year – but in case you haven’t heard of it, here’s how it works.

Becoming a member

As an active member of the association:

  • you get to bring in your ideas on how to develop the Finnish Breaking Association (SBL)
  • upon interest, you can take part in our special projects (events, camps, olympics preparations etc.)
  • with your membership fee, you support SBL operations and enable the association to apply for bigger monetary funding from different sources
  • active members get to use their member rights in accordance with the association rules

What we look for in our members:

  • drive and energy to develop the Finnish breaking culture together with SBL and other people in the breaking scene

How to sign up as a member:

  • Pay a membership fee (15e) to bank account FI0315443000134010 Suomen Breikkiliitto (Ramona Panula) by 20 March 2020.
  • Write your name, e-mail address and phone number to the message that accompanies the payment.

Once the payment fee has been registered, you become an active member for 2020. Based on the contact information received during the payment, we will comprise a membership list and communicate about the future events, workshops etc.

Association meeting in May 2020

SBL will have its association meeting in May 2020. The details of the meeting (time & venue) will be disclosed together with the meeting agenda later. The association meeting of 2020 will mostly consist of the past year’s evaluation as well as gathering feedback and ideas from the members. Participation in the association meeting requires paying the 2020 membership fee by 20 March 2020.

The SBL members wishing to participate in the meeting are asked to send their thoughts and proposals to the agenda beforehand to Send your message with the title “SBL association, meeting agenda – YOUR NAME”. The SBL board will comprise the agenda and send it to participants four weeks prior to the meeting.

Allright, that’s it. Keep it funky while doing good things for the breaking scene! Peace.

-The Board of Finnish Breaking Association